Facts and Figures

At the end of the project, in Romania, the new charging points will cover more than 1450 km along 2 core corridors that cross the country: Rhine-Danube Ten-T corridor, close to the cities of Nadlac – Arad – Timisoara – Deva – Sebes – Sibiu – Ramnicu Valcea – Pitesti – Bucuresti – Constanta and Orient East/Med Ten-T corridor, close to the cities of Timisoara – Lugoj – Caransebes – Drobeta Turnu Severin – Calafat – Craiova – Caracal – Alexandria – Bucuresti.
In Croatia, the new e-chargers will cover over 300 km along the Meditterranean Ten-T corridor, close to the cities of Varaždin – Zagreb – Karlovac – Delnice – Rijeka.
The total number of EVs that can be charged during a day in this project is estimated to reach over 1000.
  • May 2017Project acquires EU support

    The project was granted 80% funding for European Union TEN-T programme
  • February 2018 Project officially launched in Pitesti

    With five fast charging stations installed the project is officially launched
  • December 2018 21 fast charging stations are ready for use

    At the end of 2018 we already installed 21 fast charging stations (15 in Romania and 6 in Croatia)
  • 2019 The story continues...