The first electric vehicle charging stations of the “Comprehensive Fast-Charging Corridor Network in South Eastern Europe” Project become operational

"Comprehensive Fast-Charging Corridor Network in South Eastern Europe”

A project to develop the charging infrastructure for EVs along Ten-T priority corridors in Romania and Croatia.

Renovatio teamed up with Croatia Telekom to develop the charging infrastructure for EVs in Romania and Croatia. The network is part of the pan-European transport network Ten-T and covers 3 priority corridors: Mediterranean, Rhine-Danube and Orient East/Med.

The project will consist of 69 multi-standard fast charge stations (50kW DC) and 4 ultra-fast charge stations (150-350 kW DC), compatible with all types of electric vehicles, installed in over 31 locations. The energy used is renewable. The project’s objective is to offer a greater comfort to EV owners when driving on long distances in the region.

The project, co-financed by the European Union through the Connecting Europe Facility, is part of a global initiative aiming at the deployment and operation of a multi-standard, open-access fast and ultra-fast charging corridor for EVs in South East Europe. The South East e-corridor will connect the EV users in the region to existing e-charging networks. This will enable comprehensive cross-border e-mobility towards neighbor countries like: Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia.

Renovatio aims to have a major role in the transition from traditional fuels towards green energy and also in supporting European Union to fulfill the target regarding CO2, SO2, NOx and sound pollution reduction until 2020. The deployment of the fast charging corridor network across multiple European corridors in areas with high traffic and population densities will ensure also an economic growth.

The fast charge stations that will be implemented in the project are multi-standard, suitable for charging all standard electric vehicles. One charging station will combine CHAdeMO, CCS and AC Type 2 connectors. At one charger 2 cars will be able to charge at the time, one in fast charge mode (DC power) with up to 50kW and one in normal mode (AC power) with up to 43kW. Each charger will be able to support 2 simultaneous sessions. One in DC mode with a power up to 50kW and a second one in AC mode with a maximum power of 43kW.

Furthermore, Renovatio is targeting not only the current needs of EV drivers but is also looking into the future. Therefore the project will also have 4 ultra-fast charge stations compatible with new EV generations.

The majority of the locations will have 2 multi-standard fast stations that are able to charge simultaneously 4 electric vehicles. Specific locations will also have ultra-fast chargers.

This project has the support of Porsche Romania – importer of Volkswagen, Kaufland Romania and also Mitsubishi Croatia.